We provide smallholder farmers access to services, technical knowledge, financing and international markets, and draw them a road map towards a sustainable, and profitable agroforestry model. 

Who is EKiBBO?

Ekibbo Farming Services is a company limited by shares with a Board of Directors, and a team comprising the Managing Director, two non-executive Directors, Project Manager, Finance and Administration Officer and Extension staff, all bringing knowledge and experience of agronomy and agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, smallholder farmer engagement and enterprise. While starting small, the company’s model is scalable and looks to work across several Ugandan districts within the next 3-5 years.

How does EKiBBO work?

By professionalizing and digitizing the link between the financial institutions, exporters and service providers on the one hand and smallholder farmers on the other, EKiBBO sees a huge opportunity for a sustainable and scalable business that can significantly improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Uganda. The digital farm combined with an extensive engagement model and in-depth data analyses, allows EKiBBO to gather a large amount of quality data from individual farmers, enabling the provision of targeted support regarding services, financing, training and roadmaps to agroforestry.


To create an eco-system of farmers, local traders, farmer groups, cooperatives, suppliers, exporters and financers, based on transparent, digital processes and information flows that support an efficient and controlled transformation towards profitable agroforests, from which all parties benefit.


Smallholder farmers in Uganda are resilient to the impacts of climate change and risks of monoculture, through transforming their farms into multi crop agroforestry businesses, which use innovative technology and tailored support to produce traceable, organic, profitable tree crops, contributing to solving the global carbon crisis and restoring ecosystems.

Our Values

Agroforestry does not only have the potential to lift farmers out of poverty and increases their market and climate resilience; it has the potential to transform the agricultural sector from a large emitter of greenhouse gasses to a solution for carbon absorption.


Empowering smallholder farmers to be able to develop sustainable agroforestry businesses is a key aim of EKiBBO – we believe that through using a combination of strategies to help improve production, certification, harvesting, value addition, linking to markets, linking to financial services, using digital farms to enable traceability and online records, farmers are empowered to make informed decisions about what they want to grow, where they want to sell, what financial investment they may want to pursue and how they want to spend their increased incomes.

Knowledge based

As a team, bringing together knowledge on agronomy, arboriculture, regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and crop specific expertise, along with detailed knowledge of marketing, business and fundraising helps EKiBBO to be rooted in evidence and knowledge, and drawing on valuable experience. This combination of skills across the team ensures we are fully informed and responsive to the needs of farmers and can adapt to market/business trends as needed. Our data driven approach helps EKiBBO to plan its interventions based on facts, rather than assumptions or estimations and this helps us in being as effective and targeted as we can be.


At EKiBBO, we believe that innovation is key to unlocking some of the challenges faced by smallholder farmers. Approaches such as adoption of multifunctional agroforestry, value addition technology, improved crop production and protection practices, post-harvest handling and better facilities to market small farmer products are all innovations that can transform farmer’s lives.


At EKiBBO, we strive to balance our focus between economic development and income generation for smallholder farmers, social development at both a farmer/family/community level and environmental sustainability – ensuring that we are trying to restore local environments and increase carbon sequestration through using agroforestry and organic farming approaches.

Being Farmer focused

Being farmer-focused is a strategy that prioritizes the needs of farmers, and at EKiBBO we have taken time to listen to what farmers need and ensure that we respond to that through the extension work and services we provide. The aim to earn higher incomes is achievable through EKiBBO’s approach of agroforestry; increaing farm productivity and purusing evidence based agroforestry models that ensure increased incomes for farmers.


We aim to ensure that we can evolve and adapt to both farmer and clients’ needs through being open to different approaches, through listening to farmers and local leaders, drawing on learning from experts around us, and meeting the expectations from the buyers that we engage with. We provide a safe platform for big corporations to work with smallholder farmers and we can provide the tools and evidence as needed by corporations to document that engagement and partnership. We aim to be outstanding in all the work that we do and our culture of openness supports us as we strive for excellence.