Cultivating change through sustainable agroforestry

Our transparent, highly digital processes support the transformation towards profitable agroforestry, benefiting all stakeholders

Environmental benefits

  • Strong root systems and tree canopy help to prevent soil degradation and erosion and capture and retain rainfall.
  • Improved microclimate reduces water needs. 
  • Natural pest control through use of organic products and other organisms that control pests like birds and ants.
  • Removal of carbon from the atmosphere, helping with climate change mitigation.
  • Increased biodiversity.

Economic Benefits

  • Access to specialty markets that offer premiums for fully traceable, high quality and certified produce.
  • Increased yields leading to higher income generation and diversification.
  • Cost savings on the cost of inputs (e.g. pesticides, water and fertilizer).
  • Access to financial services and financial training leading to farmers becoming more professional and profitable business men and women.

Social Benefits

  • Families can increase their spending capacity on food, livestock, health and education leading to improved standards of living.
  • Farmers are more resilient to climate extremes.
  • Capacity building of farmers through training.
  • Sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Collaboration in farmer groups.

Our Impact

Whether you're an investor looking for a sustainable project, a donor wanting to make a real impact, or a buyer seeking traceable, quality produce;