Our Services

We work alongside farmers to draw them a roadmap towards a sustainable, and profitable agroforestry model. Along the way farmers will become climate smart, digitally literate, financially included and market resilient.

Training and extension support

Technical knowledge on agronomy and regenerative agriculture using an agroforestry model, alongside farm extension services and training.

Access to inputs

Access to organic inputs that have been tried and tested, to ensure increases in production and reduction in pests and diseases across their range of crops.

Digitalisation of farming data

A digital platform to store all farmer data on production, income, loans, trainings received and GIS maps of their farms, which can also facilitate regular updates to farmers via mobile phone on pricing, training updates, logistics, weather patterns, collection dates etc. This gives critical information on traceability and provides evidence of implementation of standards. 

Mobile payment system

A commitment to an effective and efficient payment system, whereby farmers are paid by mobile money or bank transfer within 24 hours of product collection.

Access to financial services

Access to financing and loans through availability of data on production levels and income received and forecast. EKiBBO also commits to help farmers improve their own financial capabilities through training on basic accounting and financial planning.


Logistics support that is cost shared with the farmer and/or buyer, allowing farmers greater access to processing options and premium prices, that may otherwise be out of their reach.

Market access

Access to international markets that can offer the highest prices and enable premiums for quality, traceable produce. Wherever possible, EKiBBO will provide support to certification processes that boost both product prices and marketability for the range of products grown by farmers.

Access to carbon credits

Access to carbon offsetting schemes, allowing farmers additional income for the tree crops grown on their farms.


Opportunities to get certification through following processes of traning and assessment with EKiBBO’s extension team. Certification schemes to be pursued include; Rainforest Alliance, Organic, Global Gap and Fair Trade.

Our commitments

EKiBBO Farming Services is committed to prioritising the needs of farmers and creating an ecosystem of growers, traders, buyers and financial service providers that support farmers’ livelihoods first and foremost, while also sharing the environmental and social aspirations that EKiBBO promotes through its holistic approach. We are committed to organic methods of farming that increase productivity within an agroforestry model, regenerate degraded soils, and reap higher premiums for farmers in most value chains in which we operate.

As a social business, EKiBBO is also committed to reinvesting a proportion of our profits back into the communities where we are working.

Our Models