Our Team

Sophie Arcedeckne-Butler

Managing Director

Kenneth Naturinda

Project Manager

Priscilla Linda Kabalimba

Finance and Administration Officer

Ladis Sserunjogi

Extension worker

Kemigisha Kukundakwe

Extension worker

Harriet Namususwa

Extension worker

EKiBBO is also supported by a team of Survey Assistants who work on a part time basis across the year to help in undertaking surveys with farmers, uploading these onto our IT platform and in doing product collections.

Some of our partners

Together we are building an ecosystem that connects farmers, local traders, farmer groups, suppliers, exporters, and financers.

Sophie is the Managing Director of EKiBBO Farming Services and has lived in Uganda for 5 years. She has over twenty years’ experience in project management, fundraising, senior management and leadership in NGOs, working on development, environment and conservation related issues and solutions across Africa and South Asia. With a master’s degree in international development, Sophie brings academic and practical expertise on working with farmers on livelihoods development and market linkages and fruitful partnerships with a range of donors and investment partners. Passionate about enterprise development, organic farming, agroforestry and the environment, Sophie is excited to be leading the team in developing Ekibbo as a social business and building a new ecosystem of farmers, traders and buyers that share the same goal to transform the lives of farmers while reducing the threats of non-regenerative agriculture and climate change.

Kenneth is the Project manager for Ekibbo supporting the growth of Ekibbo operations within a growing network of farmers in several agricultural value chains. Kenneth formerly worked as the Sourcing Lead at Fiber Foods, where he was in charge of export, logistics and acquiring young jackfruit from various parts of Uganda through a network of 2000+ farmers. Before then, Kenneth had also worked as a program manager for Business Lab Uganda, which supported Ugandan agribusinesses in the dried fruits and jackfruit value chain gain access to the Dutch market and investors. The first 7 years of his career, he was involved assisting SMEs to get access to investment and strengthen their marketing, strategy, finance, and operations through his work as a Pre-Investment Manager at Balloon Ventures and a Business developer at Global Business Labs. He graduated from Makerere University with a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Human Resource Management.

Linda is the Finance and Administrations Officer at EKiBBO Farming Services with over 5 years of experience. She holds an MBA-Finance and a BBAM in Accounting and Finance and is currently working on finalising her CPA course. Her background in Finance, Accounting and Administration has accorded her with strong skills in financial management, bookkeeping and administration. She is a highly knowledgeable, organized, motivated and enthusiastic person who is ready to support the team and ensure the smooth, efficient management of the company’s resources. Linda is also fuelled with a passion for value addition, improved livelihoods, sustainable agriculture and community development.

Ladis Sserunjogi is an Extension worker with EKiBBO farming services. He is an agronomist and experienced trainer with the capacity to design training materials and conduct trainings in various fields. Ladis has experience working with smallholder farmers in collective marketing, inspection of farmers to ensure compliance to organic and fair for life standards, training farmers in good agricultural practices, integrated pest management and can organise and plan logistical arrangements for the transportation of farmer products.

Kemigisha Kukundakwe is an extension worker at EKiBBO Farming Services. She is committed to linking EKiBBO to smallholder agroforestry farmers through direct farmer engagements. With that, she ensures farmers are aware of the dynamic farming technologies, innovations, current market opportunities and prices in addition to logistics support. From a work experience of 3 years, Kemigisha has great expertise in organic and FairTrade certification processes for smallholder vanilla farmers. She is passionate about promoting farming as a business through sustainable farming practices. She is excited to be part of this team!

Namususwa Harriet is an Extension worker with EKiBBO farming services holding a Bachelors degree of science in agriculture from Busitema University. She has more than 3 years experience working with smallholder farmers in data collection, conducting farm visits and agronomic trainings on organic farming for a sustainable ecosystem. She is passionate and highly motivated towards learning, sharing skills with farmers and her experiences in modern technologies geared towards improving on the performance of livestock and crops.