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Our Story

Many of the 3 million smallholder farmers in Uganda are dependent on a single high value crop and do not reach optimum yields due to the use of conventional cultivation methods, cultivation on degraded soils, negative effects from climate change, and a lack of access to finance, information/knowledge, and high quality inputs.

Farmers in Mukono face key challenges such as lack of market opportunities for their produce, lack of access to finance, pests and diseases affecting crop production and the effects of climate change.

Due to low income, farmers often make no investment in inputs to improve their produce quality and yields. In addition, many farmers are not organized into groups where they could otherwise more easily access quality inputs, training, certification and other opportunities to increase their livelihood. 

Issues to do with lack of organisation into groups don’t just affect the farmers – but it also makes it more difficult for traders or those seeking to offer inputs, such as solar panels, irrigation systems or organic fertilisers to access smallholder farmers. 

In June 2023, EKiBBO Farming Services was registered in Uganda to address these challenges.

EKiBBO, a Luganda word for ‘basket’ is looking to transform the lives of smallholder farmers and their landscapes in Uganda, through introducing organic agroforestry models that boost their crop variety, productivity and incomes, while helping to restore ecosystems and reduce the impacts of climate change.

EKiBBO offers farmers a market for all their produce, over and above their security needs, and through our extension support teams and ‘digital farm’ we ensure optimal yields, premiums for farmers’ produce and professionalisation of smallholder farming businesses. We also offer a linkage service in acting as an intermediary between farmers and suppliers or traders, giving farmers greater access to organic farming inputs, financial services and carbon credits.

Overall, EKiBBO provides a unique package that can transform the lives of the smallholder farmers on a social, economic and environmental level and give other specialists and actors within the supply chain valuable access to groups of farmers, who can benefit from their inputs and services.

So far, we have registered over 500 farmers and plan to be working with 1,500 farmers by the end of 2024.

Our Products

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Sustainable Agroforestry

Our ecosystem fosters transparency, efficiency, and empowerment, paving the way for a sustainable and profitable future.

A Digital Hub for Agroforestry Success

Step into a world where technology meets sustainability, redefining agriculture through digital innovation.

A Holistic Approach for Shared Prosperity

Our commitment to transparency, data-driven insights, and financial accountability ensures a sustainable and equitable future.

Empowering Lives, Nurturing the Earth

Join Us on this transformative journey – where sustainable agroforestry meets economic empowerment

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