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Cash Crops

Vanilla & Coffee

The main cash crops. The agroforestry model is planted to accommodate ideal growing conditions for these crops.

Black pepper

Additional cash crop growing on trees.

Mixed Cash & Support Crops


Fence, wind breaker and buffer for chemical contamination. Source of nutrients (mulch), shade and a water regulating mechanism.

Elephant grass

Providing shade, shelter and excellent mulch and biomass.


Cover crop and good source of income on local market.


Increases yields through pollination and additional source of income for farmer

Banana trees

Providing shade, food and income.

Black soldier fly

Bio-waste treatment, excellent manure and additional revenues from protein

Support Crops

Jatropha tree

Support trees for vanilla to provide shade and support

Musizi & Jack fruit tree

Providing shade and shelter for other crops, fruits and additional income

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